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  1. Hi, Emily,

    I’m enjoying seeing Chippewa Valley Museum and all the other collections on-line. I notice though that Schlegelmilch is spelled incorrectly. This is the correct spelling.

    Susan McLeod

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for catching this mistake. I made the fix and everything should be correct now. Here’s a direct link to the Schlegelmilch objects:

    Emily Pfotenhauer

  3. James Donald Woodburn Sr

    Hi Susan, I already responded — Did it not come thru? James Donald woodburn Sr

  4. CIVIL WAR STONE FARMHOUSE ON MARKET Waukesha County – Close to Delafield

    I have a lovely 1860 stone house that I must sell as my job in Wisconsin was eliminated and I’m moving to Tennessee for a new job. I had the Sussex – Lisbon Historian Fred Keller research the history of the home. He wrote a 2 part article about the property which appeared in the Sussex Sun last year. I have the original articles and the internet copies for anyone interested. Please spread the word, the property is of historic value to the community – a Civil War era hand built stone farmhouse, center entrance. Beautiful and serene.

    I am heartbroken to sell it, but I must. Do you know anyone (who appreciates antiques and history) who has always wanted a stone home, but could not find one, or when they did it was in poor condition or needed so many updates it was overwhelming?

    I searched for years for such a property as this. Arrowhead school system and 20 minutes to Brookfield, 25 minutes to Milwaukee. WOW.

    Cut limestone, 18in thick walls, deep window sills, fantastic “S” corbels at the roof line, DRY and TALL fieldstone basement, beautiful light, fastastic for showing off antiques and primitives.

    I’ve put a lot of love, sweat equity, and updates. NEW well, NEW septic, NEW 200 amp Electric Service, NEW sump pump, NEW gutters, NEW customer built cedar cellar door (hand cut limestone steps lead to basement) are among the many updates/upgrades I’ve put in. 3 bedrooms, 1-1/2 baths. I have landscaping plans drawn up. Many, many inclusions.

    Please spread the word, the property will go with a realtor soon…price negotiable – asking $249,000 possibly negotiable for quick sale,
    Please call
    Shawn Nead
    I have to start my new job February 16!

    • Curious – is this home still for sale? I have a charming home built 1919 that is in the way of a county project. I’m torn between moving it, or trying to salvage every stick as it tears me apart to think of it demolished. I, like you, have come to know the soul of this house and have loved it for many years,…Perhaps I could incorporate it’s treasures into this treasure of yours?

      • wisconsinobject

        Hello Wendy,
        I don’t know if the home listed above is still for sale. You’d have to contact the owner directly (see Shawn’s comment for contact info).

      • Hi, Wendy,
        The home sold in June of 2009.
        Thank you and good luck with your current home,

  5. My father was a antique dealer and purchased a rare Wisconsin Barrel-Front Two Piece Corner Cupboard back in the 1970’s. It has original surface. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this particular Wisconsin furniture type.

  6. Hi Todd,
    Thanks for your comment. All of the Wisconsin barrel-front cupboards I’ve seen are thought to be made by Norwegian immigrants. Some have the barrel front on only the top or the bottom, and some have it on both sections. Many are corner cupboards. There are a few examples illustrated in Lyndon Viel’s book “Antique Ethnic Furniture” (1983).
    Do you know where your father acquired his cupboard?

  7. Please see page 35A of the September issue of the Maine Antique Digest for an example of a Wisconsin Barrrel Front Cupboard.

  8. Carol in Carroll

    I’ve been searching for info about The Upham Mfg Co. and REALLY hope you can help! I literally pick up a free Upham small table or chest by the side of the road! It is very simple unadorned, but clearly an Upham with it’s sorta red original label on the back with ‘Chamber Suits and Sideboards. On the label, in pencil is the name ‘Henry M… Manning, Iowa’. Beside the label, in pencil, is the number ‘2518’. In the drawer, also in pencil is written, ‘Henry J…’. The table measures 29.5″ high by 31.0″ wide. The top is veneer and is in very rough condition; it is 17″ deep by 33″ wide and it may not be original. The back indicates where three screws may have held a ??? to the top. The piece has a top drawer & a pair of lower cabinet doors – all with original wooden pulls. The top drawer juts out abit in a curve from the lower cabinet doors. The back legs are straight, while the front legs are slightly curved and all have the original wooden rollers. If you can give me ANY info on this piece or any leads, I’d greatly appreciate it!!

  9. Hi Carol,

    The Upham Manufacturing Company produced furniture in Marshfield, Wisconsin between 1882 and 1927. The Upham Mansion, operated by the North Wood County Historical Society, has a substantial collection of Upham furniture. Some examples are online in the Wisconsin Decorative Arts Database (try a search for Upham at The Upham Mansion also owns a couple of early 20th c. furniture catalogs from the Upham Manufacturing Co.; I think those are mostly bedroom furniture.

    You can contact the Upham Mansion here:

    It’s hard to assign more specific dates to this furniture because even though their output was extensive, there’s not a lot of documentation available i.e. catalogs and price lists (at least not that I’ve been able to locate).

    Good luck!

  10. Hi All! I hope someone in Wisconsin can help me with this. I have a very decorative and unique corner table with a lable of “Lake Side Craft Shops, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It is not the “wax Seal” of “Lakeside Craft Shops, rathe it jhas a spider web design in the middle and a tall sailing ship on the right.

    It has “gull Wing” bend wood drawer that are curved to match the front edge of the bable and swin out from the middle. Not veneer, the strips are bent and individually notched (like dovetail) which is visible from the finished front side.

    I have photographs if that will help anyone. I did see reference to this successor shop after “Lakeside” in Peter Copelands catalog reproduction but it stated that little was know as to what they manufactured..aside from the cedad bluebird chests.

    I have photos of the piece and the (still in superb condition) lable if anyone has some information on this far as any dealer I’ve talked to, one-of-a-kind piece.

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