Delafield Antique Show

This weekend I attended the Delafield Antique Show in (you guessed it) Delafield. This is a major biannual show organized by Ron and Debby Christman of the Antiques Center at Wales, featuring dealers from throughout the Midwest and some from further afield (I saw booths from Connecticut and New York).

I got to see some of the dealers/collectors from the Milwaukee area who I met during my fieldwork for the Finest in the Western Country exhibition and also met some new people with Wisconsin collections. Many of the people I talked to said they’ve enjoyed the exhibit–although they wish the show was larger!

I agree–there’s so much out there that I wasn’t able to include, but this show is really just the beginning of the endeavor. My hope is that this small exhibit will bring more objects to light and inspire more excitement about early Wisconsin decorative arts. I’m planning to work with more private collectors in the upcoming months (years?) to expand the Wisconsin Decorative Arts Database. With more research and more new findings, I can certainly forsee some exciting exhibitions in the future.

Posted by Emily Pfotenhauer.


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