Object Photography at the Rock County Historical Society

Bedroom, Lincoln-Tallman House, Janesville

Earlier this week I journeyed to Janesville to photograph furniture, ceramics, and quilts in the collection of the Rock County Historical Society. I spent Monday with curator Laurel Fant at the Helen Jeffris Wood Museum Center shooting locally-manufactured furniture and a couple of framed hair wreaths. I also documented several examples of Pauline Pottery and other art pottery made in Rock County around the turn of the twentieth century.

I spent Tuesday at the Lincoln-Tallman House, an Italianate mansion built in 1857 by William Morrison Tallman (it’s similar in style to Orchard Lawn in Mineral Point). I photographed a large Renaissance Revival-style bed and matching chest of drawers manufactured by the Morse Hanson Furniture Co. of Janesville. Lighting massive, dark pieces of furniture like these is always a challenge . . . bouncing the lights off of the white walls helped.

With the assistance of Laurel (who was tenaciously fighting off a major cold), administrative assistant Joyce Dodge, and an intern up from Beloit College, I also photographed about a dozen well-preserved early local quilts.

Quilt, Rock County Historical Society

Posted by Emily Pfotenhauer.


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