Pauline Pottery in Edgerton

Pauline Pottery cabin, Edgerton

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the community of Edgerton was home to several nationally-recognized pottery producers, including the Norse Pottery, Edgerton Art Clay Works, and Pickard China. The most prolific Edgerton art pottery was the Pauline Pottery, founded by Pauline Jacobus in Chicago in 1883 and relocated to Edgerton in 1888.

The Edgerton Arts Council has done much to preserve this unique history, including organizing the Edgerton Pottery and Porcelain Museum and publishing two books (Edgerton’s History in Clay: Pauline Pottery to Pickard China, Maurice Montgomery, 2001 and Pauline Pottery: A Pictorial Supplement to Edgerton’s History in Clay, Ori-Anne Pagel, 2003). They’ve also recently restored the log cabin the pottery used as a decorating studio. It was closed for the winter when I dropped by, but open to visitors other (warmer) times of the year.


3 responses to “Pauline Pottery in Edgerton

  1. I grew up in Edgerton. My grandfather was Doc Meyers. My mother loved this pottery and we have quite a bit of it in our home today. I remember buying some to take to Chile when I was an exchange student. Just trying to see what the origin of the pottery company was and why it was so special to my mother.

  2. wisconsinobject

    Thanks for your interest Terry. It’s interesting to hear that some examples of the pottery made their way to Chile!

    I’ve written another blog post (which you’ve probably already found) about the history of the Edgerton art potteries: The Pauline Pottery collections at the Wisconsin Historical Museum in Madison are online here:

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